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Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller

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Goodwill NYNJ has retained the services of Harris Rand Lusk to conduct this search.  Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to:
Anne McCarthy, Senior Director and COO
Harris Rand Lusk
122 East 42nd Street, Suite 3605
New York, NY 10168


Please put “Goodwill SVP” in the subject line of your e-mailed application.

Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc. (Goodwill NYNJ) is seeking a skilled professional to join its team as its Senior Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller.   Goodwill NYNJ is a prominent not for profit organization that empowers people with disabilities and barriers to employment to gain independence through the power of work. Through its retail social enterprise Goodwill also drives sustainability by diverting 186 million pounds of used clothing and goods from landfills each year.

The Organization:
Goodwill NYNJ is one of the largest of the Goodwill affiliates with over 40 retail locations and drop off centers in the greater NY metropolitan area, including Long Island, Westchester, upstate New York and northern New Jersey.  The stores and its back-office warehouse operations support Goodwill NYNJ’s main mission of providing training for individuals with disabilities in the job skills that will help them obtain employment.  It also provides as an on-the-job training ground for those it serves as well as giving them the income needed to gain financial independence.

Goodwill extends its impact by operating over 40 human services programs for people with disabilities and barriers to employment and a staffing agency that places people with disabilities in office jobs. With its main headquarters in Astoria, New York, Goodwill NYNJ’s social enterprise model generates revenue that enables Goodwill to produce tremendous social impact with a strategy that is financially sustainable and resourced to drive innovation.

The Position:
Goodwill NYNJ is seeking its next Senior Vice President and Corporate Controller (SVP).   Reporting directly to the CFO, the SVP will be a key member of the management team, responsible for overseeing the accounting, finance and reporting operations of Goodwill, which includes financial management, grants management, planning and reporting, budget development, audit management and general accounting.   The SVP will also play a critical role in strengthening and overseeing fiscal management systems needed to support current and future growth while maintaining Goodwill’s internal control structure.  They will work closely with program staff not only to educate them regarding finance and accounting procedures, but also to explore how the accounting function can support program operations.

The SVP is expected to be an excellent people manager, able to establish a highly effective team to meet Goodwill’s needs.  Goodwill has just implemented Microsoft Dynamics D365 and expects to significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of accounting and finance operations. The SVP will be responsible for supporting team members to adopt new processes, improve departmental performance and adopt a continuous improvement approach. As part of these efforts, the SVP is expected to drive staff development and organize the department to maximize effectiveness.

As a key component of the finance responsibilities, the SVP will direct analyses to inform planning and management for all aspects of Goodwill’s operations. These analyses will include budgets, forecasts, scenario planning, comparisons of financing option, and evaluations of new stores and operating investments.

In addition, the SVP must be capable of integrating smoothly into the senior management at Goodwill NYNJ, fitting into the organization’s culture.   He or she will work with the staff in a supportive and direct manner with a minimum of ego and will have strong interpersonal skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, a hands-on management style, and the ability to address and solve problems or issues as they arise. In addition, it is expected that he or she will be diplomatic, will operate with the highest integrity, and will possess sound judgment – as well as a sense of humor.

Specific Responsibilities:


  • Continuously connect staff to organizational mission and vision by messaging overall agency objectives, progress towards objectives and departmental/ individual contributions to the overall effort.
  • Establish and continuously communicate a clear and compelling vision for effective department operations and measures of success.
  • Advocate for department identifying opportunities for improvement and challenges to be navigated.
  • Ensure unit heads have a clear understanding of unit objectives and effectively lead their units to achieve objectives; provide unit heads with coaching to improve their effectiveness.
  • Promote integrity, adherence to accounting and ethical standards, compliance with regulations and internal policies and Goodwill values.
  • Inspire staff to see new possibilities, excite staff to pursue them and empower staff to take individual and team initiative to accomplish goals.
  • Create a culture of excellence.

People Management

  • Establish departmental organizational design that best aligns to functions, responsibilities and workloads while promoting efficiency, proper controls and necessary segregation of duties.
  • Establish job descriptions that communicate roles, responsibilities, and performance standards. Job descriptions should cover leadership and management responsibilities, job tasks, communication skills, contributions to departmental capacity building and professional behaviors including contributions to effective team engagement.
  • Create clear performance standards for all units and staff, working with direct reports to articulate requirements for more junior staff.
  • Complete performance evaluations that provide specific actionable feedback with respect to job task proficiency, responsibilities and professional behaviors; develop professional development goals and actions to enable the required development.
  • Provide ongoing coaching to staff, with emphasis on direct reports, supporting them to be effective team leaders with respect to people, process and project management.
  • Oversee the creation of job descriptions, performance evaluations, staff development plans and staff coaching for indirect reports.
  • Execute consistent performance management, identifying performance that doesn’t meet standards, supporting performance improvement and executing staff changes when underperformance persists.
  • Support senior staff to effectively engage with funders, participate in funder meetings and become appropriately engaged in the community of providers.
  • Develop and implement a cross-training program to improve departmental resiliency and create development opportunities for staff.
  • Map career development progressions for staff to improve staff connection to Goodwill and increase their enthusiasm for staff development and improving performance.

 Process Management

  • Ensure all departmental work processes are effective, efficient and properly controlled.
  • Work with unit heads to establish work process performance standards for volume, accuracy, consistency, timeliness and efficiency.
  • Ensure all monthly process deliverables are appropriately completed/submitted, as appropriate
  • Conduct monthly process evaluations to promote attainment of performance standards.
  • Empower units to own and continually improve their processes.

Project Management

  • Ensure effective project management for departmental projects such as the audit, exploration of new services and/or service providers so projects yield quality results, efficiently, on-time, on budget.
  • Support staff to learn project management fundamentals such as the creation of project plans and budgets, executing effective project management meetings, proactively identifying and managing project risk.

Controller Responsibilities

  • Ensure adherence to GAAP
  • Direct production of interim financial statements
  • Oversee accounting procedures, processes, and treatments to ensure they are accurate and correct.
  • Oversee cash accounting, including bank reconciliations, cash management and routine rolling short-term, monthly, and quarterly cash forecasting.
  • Oversee annual financial audit and individual program audits
  • Oversee receivables management keeping aging to a minimum and ensuring that denied claims are effectively addressed within required timeframes.
  • Ensure proper and timely filing of tax returns and oversight reports.
  • Oversee an accurate and efficient monthly close by the 7th business day of the new month.
  • Conduct monthly reviews that positively determine proper submission of all revenue claims, invoices and required reports/tax returns.

Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Establish a planning & analysis culture
  • Direct budgeting and forecasting
  • Establish routine analyses to inform managerial decisions
  • Oversee analysis and modeling efforts to inform strategic planning
  • Develop staff and build planning & analysis capacity


  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related discipline.
  • Master’s Degree from an accredited university in finance, management, business administration, or a related field.
  • CPA required.
  • Commitment to the mission and goals of Goodwill NYNJ.
  • Minimum of ten years of executive level management experience in a multi-faceted financial operation with significant experience in financial management.
  • Ability to work independently, prioritizing workflow to meet critical deadlines while paying exceptionally close attention to detail.
  • Ability to take initiative, think critically and strategically, and collaborate with others to drive change.
  • Dynamic, fast learner who is highly organized, analytical and detail oriented.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as technical skills.

Salary will be commensurate with experience.  For more information about Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc., please visit their website at www.goodwillnynj.org.

122 East 42nd Street, Suite 3605, New York, NY 10168